Grados en Educación y Trabajo Social

En este apartado encontrará información relativa a los Grados que se han implantado a partir del curso 2009/2010, dentro del Plan Bolonia y el Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior.

Foreign Students

Primary Education Degree

Our Degree in Primary Teacher Education will allow students to work as Primary teachers in Spain and abroad. It helps to develop the necessary skills to provide comprehensive education for the holistic development of the school children’s personalities. The Faculty of Education and Social Work offers six training routes: General Teaching, Music Education, Physical Education, Modern Foreign Language, Hearing and Speech, and Special Needs Education.

Preschool Education Degree

Our Degree in Early Childhood Teacher Education has been designed with the purpose of offering essential knowledge to take on work with pre-school children (0-3 and 3-6). It covers the psico-pedagogical and methodological perspectives and focuses on the development of professional competences. For professional holding this Degree, the range of work positions extends from Kindergarten to Infant Schools, and also comprises work in hospital

Social Education Degree

Our Degree in Social Education aims at training professionals who will be qualified in the design, implementation and assessment of socio-educational actions. These actions, which are mainly developed in non-formal education contexts, are meant to be oriented to the promotion of social inclusion, citizen participation and community development in order to contribute, thus, to the construction of fully democratic societies.

Social Work Degree

Social Work is a profession based on practice. It is also an academic discipline that responds to the social needs of people in the context of complex societies, fostering change and social development through the improvement of the population’s quality of life and social welfare, especially of those who are immersed in processes of vulnerability and / or social exclusion.